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Polar Cement Primer (Interior)

Polar Cement Primer is specially designed for interior applications. It can be used for priming on plastered surfaces and other masonry works. It makes the surface less absorbent. Polar Cement Primer is a water-based primer, and it consists of copolymers, imported pigments and extenders, so as to ensure deep penetration and sealing of porous surfaces. In order to achieve reasonable opacity, it is pigmented white.

Mintz Ext & Interior Primer

Mintz Water Based Primer is suitable for application on exterior as well as interior surfaces. It provides excellent adhesion to topcoat emulsions and thus it prevents peeling off of topcoat emulsions. Due to its excellent opacity and whiteness, it Improves appearance of the topcoat emulsions.


Praise Premium Base Coat

Praise Premium Base Coat is a premium quality high performance primer cum sealer with imported additives. It is recommended specially for external cement plasters & concrete surfaces which are prone to efflorescence. It is also suggested for the interior surface, if Premium topcoat emulsions are used. The special binder present in this primer penetrates the wall and seals the surface. It has superior whiteness which enhances the finish of the topcoat. With superior leveling properties, Praise Premium Base Coat increases the coverage of the topcoat.

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