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White Pathway

Praise Premium Base Coat is a premium quality high performance primer cum sealer with imported additives. It is recommended specially for external cement plasters & concrete surfaces which are prone to efflorescence. It is also suggested for the interior surface, if Premium topcoat emulsions are used. The special binder present in this primer penetrates the wall and seals the surface. It has superior whiteness which enhances the finish of the topcoat. With superior leveling properties, Praise Premium Base Coat increases the coverage of the topcoat.

Upto 50% by volume using water.
100-110 sq.ft./Itr/coat, when applied on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.
*Actual coverage may vary depending on method & condition of application, surface roughness & surface porosity.
Shades Availavble
Bright White
(Please note: Praise Premium Base Coat is an undercoat.)
Available Pack Size
1 Ltr, 4 Ltr, 10 Ltr, 20 Ltr
Concrete Wall

Recommended Usage

Praise Premium Base Coat can be applied on plastered surfaces, asbestos sheets, concrete, brickwork, etc. prior to application of water based paints. 

Post Application Instructions

Apply finishing coat within 7-8 days of primer application.

Drying Time

Surface Dry 30 min.

Non Porous

Forms non porous,
non absorbent surface.

Stability of Thin Paint

Use within 24 hrs

Directions For Use

Surface Preparation: 

Remove all loose or poorly adhering materials by rubbing down using Sand Paper No.60/80/120 in phases and thereafter wipe clean. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from all defective or poorly adhering material, dirt, grease, wax etc. Additional care of cleaning the walls needs to be taken in case of repainting.



Apply the Tulsi Paints Praise Premium Base Coat Primer using brush or spray with dilution ratio of 1:0.5 with water. Let it dry for 4-5 hours. Apply two to three coats of Tulsi Paints interior or exterior emulsion of your choice. However, time interval depends on climatic conditions and dilution should always be done considering the brush ability and roller ability of the material.



- Do not over-thin or over-extend the brush.
- Do not use Universal Stainer's or any other colorants in primers. 
- Stir well and strain before use.
- In coastal areas, it is not recommended to leave the primer 
  without the application of topcoats.
- Primer coat should not be kept exposed in monsoon. Ensure 
  completion of application before monsoon. 
- Ensure not to use Chlorinated water for dilution.  

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