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Polymer Putty

Polymer Putty is a water based PU putty. It is a unique & one of its kind self-primed putty which provides a strong 
foundation for topcoats and enhances the desired performance of finish paints, both in looks and durability. On applying this putty, a primer coat can be eliminated. Polymer Putty forms nonporous, nonabsorbent surface and thus Increases paint coverage significantly.

Vivid Cement Based Putty

Vivid Cement Based Putty is a white cement based putty that ensures strong binding, extensive coverage and smooth finish to building surfaces. Its special formula contains polymers that prevent peeling. Tulsi Paint Cement based putty keeps your walls looking beautiful for years. It gives a coverage of 10 to 12 sq.ft./ kg / Coat on masonry surface when applied by a putty knife. However, actual coverage may vary depending on method & condition, 
type of tools and surface porosity.


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